How to Create an Engaging Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video for Your Business?

Whiteboard Animation

Tips for Creating Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Here are the ten best tips to create an engaging whiteboard animation explainer video for a business.

The power of storytelling

 As human beings, we are obviously strained to stories. Use this power of attraction to your advantage by presenting your content using storytelling in your whiteboard animation video. Focus the story around your target audience and their problems, rather than just trying to sell your product’s features. By doing this, you will catch their attention and develop empathy.

 Create animated characters

Characters are the thread that keeps your story together in a whiteboard animation video. Your characters should be representations of your ideal buyer personas to help your audience identify with you. Animated characters add a personal touch, making your video engaging and memorable.

Keep it traditional

The basic characteristics of a traditional whiteboard animation video include a white background, continuous black drawing, and the drawing hand. While you can add some personal details, it’s essential to keep the video traditional to maintain its recognizable style.

Add some color, but not too much

Innovation is great, but it’s important to be careful not to go overboard. Whiteboard videos should be black and white, but small hints of color can be used to accentuate important parts of your message. Consider using your brand color in key spots to make your brand present throughout the video.

Remember the drawing hand

The drawing hand is an essential part of whiteboard animation videos. Whether you’re drawing traditionally or using technology and design tools, the drawing hand must always appear to maintain the video’s authenticity.

Use emotional references

 Whiteboard animation videos have the ability to deliver complex messages in a simple way. Adding emotional references can make your video more memorable and relatable. Use elements in the story that will appeal to your audience’s emotions to generate identification.

Remember interconnected drawings

Keep your audience interested by using interconnected drawings. As viewers watch how the story is being drawn and takes shape, it will create anticipation for what comes next.

Make it educational

Whiteboard animation videos are a powerful learning tool because they combine drawings, stories, relatable characters, and interesting subjects. When people are having fun, they tend to learn faster and more deeply, making whiteboard videos an effective educational tool.

Always read your script out loud

Reading your script out loud is an essential step in creating a successful whiteboard animation video. Your script should sound natural and as if it’s being said directly to your viewers. Reading it out loud will help you ensure that the voice inflection, speed, and emphasis on certain words are as natural as possible.

 Find the best whiteboard animation video service

The content of your whiteboard animation video must always be of the best quality to maintain your credibility. It’s essential to discover a team that can turn your difficult topic into the top whiteboard animated video that salutations your idea perfectly.